Pure Storage

For several consecutive quarters, Pure Storage has been battling at the top of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for primary storage arrays. As the only manufacturer, it offers the only so-called all-flash storage. The most powerful array, which thanks to very low latency is suitable for critical applications, is the FlashArray//X, an array with block access equipped with NVMe discs. The X series has five models //X10, //X20, //X50, //X70 and //X90 of which X10 and X20 are to be used only with SAS SSDs.

The power of Pure Storage is not only in the super-powerful hardware, but also that it is in an innovative operating system called Purity OS. Another integral part of the Pure Ecosystem is the Pure1 management and support portal, which is equipped with artificial intelligence and is completely located in the cloud. Pure1 is able to do very extensive statistics, analysis and load planning, not only above the disk arrays but also over the virtual machines connected to it. This gives customers a unique opportunity to easily manage the disk output of a virtual environment and proactive management of disk array capacity including predictions, not only on-premise, but also in the public cloud. Pure Storage introduced a product called CloudSnap in 2019 that enables snapshotportability between different public clouds without any conversions.

Pure also has all-flash arrays //C60 series in its portfolio, which are optimized for high capacity applications especially for Tier2 applications. The maximum effective capacity of this platform is up to 5.2PB.

The latest product that Pure offers is the Flash Blade, which is Object Storage or Scale-out NAS, which can scale up to 75nods and 75GB/s online, and a single namespace with 8PB usable capacity.

Pure Storage’s strategy is simplicity. This moto stretches across all their products and is visible even in customer access. Pure has several different programs, the most interesting of which is the Evergreen Storage program, which offers so-called  trade-in credits that the customer can use after 3 years to exchange old controllers for new ones and thus have the latest hardware at all times.

Why Pure Storage

  • In simplicity, there is not only beauty, but also power. Therefore Pure makes everything so simple that it can’t be easier. This applies not only to the products themselves, but also to the manual, management, service, upgrade and scalability, or to the exchange of controllers, or the client programs themselves.
  • Pure is focused not only on product performance but mainly on customer satisfaction, which is absolutely exceptional across all industries.
  • Pure developers have one of the best performing go to market models i.e. everything that goes into production is thoroughly tested and there is no problem when upgrading different versions, even across the contolers.
  • Pure patented DirectFlash modules have been able to eliminate the high price of NVMe drives and thanks to the affordable price, give customers the opportunity to use or switch to next-generation technology.

What next?

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