NetApp is currently one of the world’s leading and most advanced storage systems manufacturers. This is proved by the Gartner’s assessment, which shows the company has been holding the top position in the leaders quadrant of the general purpose arrays field for several quarters.

NetApp is constantly developing innovative disk array solutions, and was the originator of advanced intelligent solutions, such as snapshots, replicators, mirrors, clones, deduplication, and clusters. It’s still one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of storage systems, with a specialization in NAS systems and intelligent, value-added solutions for the customer.

Key benefits

NetApp’s innovative disk arrays allow you to reduce your IT costs through reliable storage, backup, management, and data security. NetApp All Flash Arrays are the absolute top in terms of performance, value added features, and reliability.

One of the best storage technologies developed specifically for the cloud is Solidfire (simply scalable performance and capacity). StorageGRID is an object-based storage which represents an award-winning solution, and is the most widely used in healthcare, especially for PACS systems.


Support guaranteed

NetApp also provides high quality complementary services, such as FlashAdvantage (up to 6 years of SSD warranty, regardless of usage), possibility of controller replacement with a new one without additional investments after 3 years of use, etc.


What next?

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