Infoblox is the world leader in DDI field (DNS, DHCP, and IPAM). It delivers its solution to the leading companies that need to effectively address these key aspects of their ICT infrastructure. More than 350 Fortune 500 companies use this solution, which represents a 50% market share in DDI.

It is increasingly more difficult for most companies to control the increasing complexity of the physical & virtual infrastructure, and of the network itself. Infoblox technology delivers advanced security, reliability, and automation into network control.

Within one application, you can now manage everything. In an agile manner, yet on a solid and reliable basis that easily gives you a complete overview of your company’s entire ICT ecosystem.

Key benefits

Infoblox is not just about DDI, but it shifts your network security to a much higher level, thanks to Blox One technology.

  • Provides extensive protection against DNS-based data exfiltration by enabling DNS defenses from the cloud.
  • Prevents DNS-based communications with C&C servers and botnets (DNS Messenger, DGA, Fast Flux).
  • Acquires curated threat intelligence from internal and external sources and selectively distributes data.
  • Quickly investigates threat indicators for context and prioritization.
  • Accelerates threat remediation by sharing curated threat intelligence with existing security systems (including next-generation firewalls, SIEM, and web proxy) in real time.
  • Extends the unique visibility we have into DNS such as indicators of compromise (IoCs) to other security systems (including NAC, SIEM, and vulnerability scanner).

Support guaranteed

Infoblox is an American product, but has a strong representation in our region. The regional headquarters are located in Poland and we, as a partner in the Czech Republic, provide the necessary support.

What next?

Are you wondering what benefits Infoblox technology deployment can bring to your company? Let’s hear from you!
We would be more than happy to have an obligation-free conversation about solutions that would suit your particular needs and options.