IBM has been well-established in the storage world for several decades. IBM disk arrays rank among some of the most powerful systems on the market, which only emphasizes their presence in the Gartner Quadrant Leaders for production disk arrays. IBM continues to expand its storage portfolio in high-end and mid-range disc arrays, mainly Flash series and Storwize products.

NVMe based all-flash systems FlashSystem 9100, Storwize V7000 and V5100/F and those whose core is based on the Spectrum Virtualize storage operating system were introduced worldwide in April 2019. These systems support connecting servers of 32 Gbps FC and NVMe-oF, and further allow customers to combine IBM proprietary NVMe-based FlashCore Modules and standard NVMe SSDs disks in one disk array.

What distinguishes IBM from its competitors are features that provide backup and DR to AWS and IBM cloud, as well as hardware-assisted compression and deduplication, which together provide a guaranteed 2:1 data reduction, as well as a 5:1 reduction for so-called “postworkload analysis”. All software features are included in the basic license; the only thing customers have to purchase is an encryption license. Storwize V5010E and V5030E, a low-end hybrid disk array with SAS back end, were also launched in 2019. The IBM DS8880 high-end platform is designed for mission-critical mainframe systems, providing uncompromising output, protection, scalability, and availability.

Managing all IBM disk arrays is simplified by IBM Storage Insights, which offers centralized monitoring and capacity management through cloud-based analytics. On the basis of this information, customers are then recommended “best practice” settings and service interventions are accelerated.

Why IBM storage

  • IBM offers a very wide portfolio of storage products from all-flash platforms and hybrid disk arrays to software-defined storage, tape libraries, and Spectrum protect backup tools for all kinds of loads and uses.
  • IBM storage has wide support for various OS, hypervisors, databases and applications, even the most demanding
  • The FlashSystem 9100, Storwize V7000 Gen3 and the new V5100F support NVMe flash drives are ready to use storage-class memory and support NVMe-oF, enabling customers to address the different types of workloads and high performance needed for business critical systems.
  • Very good support in the Czech Republic with the possibility of choosing different SLAs including guaranteed fix time

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