Fortinet products are high-performance solutions that are based on proprietary hardware technologies (accelerating FortiASIC chips) and software technologies (FortiOS operating system). The Fortinet appliance integrates a number of security services that are often scattered across multiple devices, making them more complex and costly to manage. Due to their complexity, Fortinet products simplify the entire network infrastructure and are able to offer administrators convenient centralized management. Fortinet’s advantages include easy setup and high compatibility with third-party products.

Selected Fortinet technologies

Standard firewall

• Check incoming traffic
• VPN connection, two-phase authentication

Application firewall

• Perimeter antivirus scan
• Outbound checks (DLP, proxy)

FortiGuard – laboratories improving protection

• Systematic collection of information and extensive research

FortiAnalyzer – reliable reporting

An integral part of the administrator’s work is an overview of the current status, overview of trends and reports.
• Centralized site for Syslog and Fortinet logs
• Alerting of events in lodges (Fortiguard IOC)
• Regular load and event reports

FortiMail – strong communication security

• Superior protection against common and advanced threats
• Integrate robust data protection options

FortiSandBox – detection of advanced threats

• Robust solution combining active threat detection and suppression with automation and other solutions
• Available for both local and cloud deployments

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