Flowmon is a smart solution for the monitoring and security of computer networks. Thanks to the Flowmon system, you get detailed network traffic visibility. The system enables easy optimization of network and application performance. Another benefit that you will certainly appreciate is Flowmon’s ability to multiply your protection against cyber threats.

Key benefits

  • Fast detection of network failures.
  • Fast detection of infected computers.
  • The ability to determine which applications communicate most across the network.
  • An overview of user communications on the Internet.
  • The whole solution is passive, so it doesn’t require any intervention into your network structure.

Product portfolio

  • Flowmon Probes, the most powerful NetFlow/IPFIX statistics export devices in the world.
  • Flowmon collectors designed to store, visualize, and analyze network traffic.
  • Specialized modules that extend probe and collector functions with advanced analytical features.

Overview of specialized modules:

  • Flowmon ADS, anomaly detection system and advanced cyber threat protection.
  • Flowmon APM, application performance management solution.
  • Flowmon DDoS Defender, a volumetric attack protection tool.
  • Flowmon Traffic Recorder, a module for complete network traffic recording.

Thanks to its powerful development background, Flowmon offers the best available solution in the field (for example, the world’s first 100G probes, the most powerful collectors worldwide, etc.).

Support guaranteed

Flowmon is a trusted European technology, relied up on by the most demanding customers, such as SEGA, TDK, HP, ORANGE, Vodafone, Telefonica, T-Mobile, UPC, SIEMENS, EON, Volkswagen, KIA, KBC, Raiffeisenbank, Allianz, GÉANT, and others. Flowmon provides high-quality, very fast, and individual-focused customer support, which clients appreciate.

What next?

Are you wondering what benefits using Flowmon technology can bring to your company? Let’s hear from you!
We would be more than happy to have an obligation-free conversation about solutions that would suit your particular needs and options.

Our company has its own Flowmon solution, and we will be happy to lend it, install it, and set it up for you. We will remain in contact for the time of the loan, and we will prepare your output analysis in the end.