Surveillance systems

Surveillance systems are no longer what they used to be: a supporting component of your ICT solution. They’re becoming its brain. As the control plane and management plane are gradually separated from the actual packet switching (data plane), the need for a surveillance system also increases.

That’s the case. SDN is becoming a reality and we can offer you some of the best tools for administrating and managing your IT infrastructure.

Our customers have a choice of two possible approaches. Stay with the traditional surveillance system solution as a support device for your IT, or switch to SDN – which is no longer just a power point but a reality.

Systems for SDN

We are able to offer you a complete SDN that would really make sense on two platforms – Huawei and Arista.

Huawei offers solutions for both campus networks and data centers. Both solutions are based on two types of software platforms.

Say goodbye to SNMP and welcome to the world where telemetry plays the primary role.

Campus SDN from Huawei:

  • AgileControler – serves as a central control platform for managing and configuring all services in your SD network. Plug&Play is included for all newly deployed devices.
  • Campus Insight – serves as a platform to debug your entire network environment. You’ll see who’s communicating with whom, what’s the level of WiFi coverage or where the user was logged in. CampusInsight will become your best partner in detecting network problems.

SDN for data centers from Huawei:

  • AgileControler – serves as a central control platform for managing and configuring all services in your SD network – you will manage your entire new VxLAN factory from it.
  • FabricInsight – serves as a platform to debug your network factory. Do you want to keep track of all connections within the factory where you have hundreds of gigabits per second? Do you want to know that your SFP module is going to die tomorrow? Then FabricInsight is the right tool to your SDN network.

SDN for data centers by Arista:

CloudVision Portal (CVP) is a software tool from Arista that lets you control your VxLAN factory from one place across all the data centers you manage. The main advantage of the CVP portal is its simplicity and variability – using the so-called Configlets you can do absolutely anything on your network. Where do you get them? Email us or go to GitHub where a large community of users is meeting to publish them. CVP also provides an open eAPI for integration with third parties. Integration with CheckPoint and VMware is, therefore, no problem.

Traditional surveillance system – eSight

eSight is a tool for operating and managing IT infrastructure in an enterprise in today’s highly complex and fast-growing environment.

It provides unified management of a wide range of systems and devices, including:

  • Building technical security systems
  • Product Storage
  • Servers
  • Application
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Wireless LAN components
  • Video surveillance equipment
  • IP phones and video conferencing systems

The eSight platform is a comprehensive deployment tool for an environment where different products from different manufacturers are also represented, not just Huawei.

The platform offers:

  • Unified views
  • Information on used and free resources
  • Topology information
  • Fault location
  • Performance monitor
  • Intelligent resource allocation option

In addition, the eSight platform provides customization and interoperability capabilities with third-party systems, enables customers to build personalized management systems, reduces operational and management costs, and increases efficiency and productivity.

Main advantages of eSight systems:

  • Unified supervision and management of complete ICT infrastructure (network switches, servers, storage, WiFi, etc.)
  • Support for supervision and management of video conferencing solutions
  • Support for third-party elements (CISCO, HP, DELL, etc.)
  • Support for supervision and performance statistics for software applications (operating systems, databases, etc.)
  • Support for virtualization and collaboration with VMware ESXi virtualization platform (resource supervision)
  • Support integration into “umbrella” systems via NBI interface

Now what?

Do you want to take an effective look at what’s happening in your business IT infrastructure?

Get back to us! We will be happy to show you the technology and talk tentatively about a solution that meets your needs.

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