Data Centers

Data Center Revitalization


Would you like to follow modern trends and divide a warm and cold zone while thinking that it has no solution because of having different heights, atypical widths, and depths of racks and gaps between them? And you cannot break them by drilling or screwing to maintain the guarantee?

Don´t be desperate! So far there has been no problem we wouldn´t be able to solve.

We have experience in very old and irregular installations as well as in combinations of tape library off-grid floors with the need to cover the entrance. Don´t be afraid to ask! We will show you everything we have created up to now.


Do you have to face the problem of overcrowded cable trays when being sure that many cables have not been removed during migrations of technologies? We will help you with that. Don´t you have enough capacity of cable trays and are you fearful of the addition of other ones in order not to break the concept? Contact us, we will be pleased to help you.


Do you have a dingy hall? A dirty double floor? Do you need to remove old unused technological units and there is nobody able to do it while they are still working? We will find a proper solution. Try us!

Building of Data Center


In the beginning, it´s necessary to say what is expected by the customer from a new datacenter.
What capacity should it have? If it is a data center for server housing with direct customer access to particular positions or if it is a data center for an IT department of a specific company.
What about a security level? We will advise you with all the questions concerning datacenter conceptions and selection of technologies.


Not every location is proper for the construction of a datacenter. There is a wide range of criteria according to which is necessary to assess the location. We will be pleased to carry out such an audit and to prepare criteria for your demand for land/building.


At the moment when technology and location/object are determined it is the turn of projecting. It is important to specify the logistics of data centers, the emplacement of particular sections, security measures, energetics, refrigerating, and connectivity. We will be helpful during the project works. We have much to say about these issues. According to our experience, we know where the weak points are and how to predict problems.


Before the realization, it is necessary to solve the operating issues of a realization phase. Preparation for construction, transportation closure for safety manipulation with large diesel aggregates, air conditioning chillers, etc. We will help to specify possible operating complications to avoid them.


We realize. We solve many occurred problems. There will be many problems to solve but you will have a strong partner. The partner who won´t let you in the state of insecurity. We will finish it with you to the end. To the successful end. And it is realized. Your data center has been created and it corresponds to your previous ideas.


Your datacenter works well. It is necessary to take care of it. And we will do so

What next?

Are you wondering what the right data infrastructure can bring to your company? Send us an email or call at 220 611 111. We would be more than happy to have an obligation-free conversation about solutions that would suit your particular needs and options.

Who can help you with data centers?