We offer the perfect solution for your ICT

We understand the demands of today’s ICT infrastructure.

We find suitable solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, corporate, and national administration entities.

You can not only put your hands on every device and system we have, but also try them! We can simulate your company’s environment in our DEMO.

See for yourself how your ICT can be improved.


Huawei Enterprise has a wide product portfolio, which offers construction of any network solution – from transportation technologies (DWDM, microwave links, ..), through traditional LAN campus networks (switching, routing, WLAN, AAA), Internet peering (BGP) routine ), MPLS networks up to efficient and automated data center.

Arista – a company with a narrowly focused portfolio. Arista is the absolute leader in the field of network solutions for data centers with a sophisticated architecture, which is ready from the beginning for integration into cloud / DC software solutions.


Security first! There is definitely no space for adrenaline in enterprise networks. With sophisticated tools, you stay calm.

Corporate mobility

Whether you need to negotiate with colleagues or business partners, Huawei Enterprise conference systems ensure stable picture and sound. VMware Worspace ONE solutions provide you secure access to your network. Reliable, throughout the negotiations.