Martin Vítek

Martin is one of the company founders. He is the captain who defines the direction, and at the same time deals with essential business activities. The question is, what can we call his position? Perhaps the only member of the board of directors.

Would you like to know about his activities outside of work? He enjoys his family life, travelling, and as a true captain, he sails the seas on a yacht. On land, he likes playing squash and badminton, with a good meal and drinks afterwards.

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Company founder

What did Martin reveal about himself?


After leaving Mendel Grammar School in Opava, my next steps led to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. During my studies of Electrical Engineering and Communications Bachelor’s study programme, I realized that I would never become a truly excellent programmer or network administrator. And because I was never able to solder a printed circuit together correctly, my next steps rather led me to a Master’s Programme in Economics and Management in Electrical Engineering. Thanks to the fact that I always had the gift of the gab, this field was the right choice for me. In 2010, I graduated with a state exam, and earned an engineering degree.

I studied at Coventry University in the UK in 2008-2009. I graduated from the European Engineering Business and Management programme.


I’ve been trying to improve my skills through practice since the time of my studies. My first work for a telecommunications employer was a holiday job at OptiKom. I was in charge of telecommunication audits, and I participated in the consultancy analysis that Optikom provided for large and medium-sized companies on the Czech market.

I became a Key Account Manager in the emerging Enterprise Division of Huawei Technologies Czech in 2011. In that very turbulent time, I was assigned to the Utilities segment, and my job was to evangelize Huawei technologies in companies like ČEZ, ČEPS, eON, RWE, and others. Here I found my way to this Chinese telecom giant, and after an interlude at Clarystone, I started to develop the idea of ​​an IT integrator focused on Huawei, along with my colleagues, Tomáš Zloch and Karel Steinbach, in 2014.

I’ve been the only member of Huatech’s Board of Directors since December 2014, and together with my colleagues, we do our best to keep our business moving forward.