Josef Blahut

Josef (A.K.A. Pepa) is a System Engineer at Huatech. Historically, he was the first employee of the company, and is proud that he has been able to contribute to the development of the company since its very beginnings. Even though he looks like a newbie, he has a great deal of experience with a wide range of technologies. He himself says that he hasn’t met any stereotypes at work yet.



What did Pepa reveal about himself?


The Czech Technical University in Prague has become my alma mater, where I took an engineering degree course in Network and Information Technology. Moreover, this academic institution offered me a professional and creative technical foundation for my personal development in the field of technology, and meant a great starting point for my future career. Simply an excellent choice for a person who’s technically minded and looks for logical explanations.


  • Huawei HCIP – Routing & Switching
  • Huawei HCIA – WLAN
  • Huawei HCIA – VC
  • Huawei HCIA – Security
  • Huawei HCPA – IP Network
  • VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization
  • Flowmon Networks Consultant
  • Veeam VMTSP


In 2015, I became the first employee of Huatech. Going through the whole process of the company’s development since its foundation was a wonderful experience for me. I also experienced significant professional development, having the opportunity to participate in a number of interesting projects for companies such as ČEZ, Jumpshot, Livesport, LČR, AVAST, and many others. This included a very diverse range of IT technologies, such as DWDM, routing & switching, virtualization, WLAN, security, and more. Stereotype? I don’t know any!