Johana Šimonová

Johanka is the one who guards our accounting. If you need someone to explain what DUZP stands for, or you need to invoice someone, she is the person you can refer to and rely on.


She works it out!

What did Johanka reveal about herself?


After graduation, I went to the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science. I bravely fought a battle with biochemistry until the state exams, but unfortunately, I lost. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, and besides many skills, I also discovered that this wasn’t the way for me.

So I chose a very different path. Now I am studying on a distance learning programme at a school of economics, which is much closer to my current work focus, and is opening up new horizons for me.


My career went hand in hand with my education. It was a total career revolution for me. After a few months in a pharmaceutical company as a lab technician, I came to the conclusion that this field definitely wasn’t for me. I wanted to move to a position where I would have more people around me, everyday challenges, and an unstereotypical kind of job. I started as an office assistant at bpd partners a.s., where I quickly took up this work, and started looking for another way to use my knowledge and skills. Such employment was provided to me at Huatech. I’m currently doing back office work, with an overlap into accounting.