Jan Černý

Jan (A.K.A. Honza) is a Wireless and Videoconferencing Specialist. You can meet him not only during consultations and implementations of Unified Communication solutions, but also when dealing with technical aspects and optimizing your enterprise Wi-Fi network.



What did Honza reveal about himself?


I gained my education by studying at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences of the Czech Technical University. I studied the field of automation in transport and telecommunication, with a focus on optical networks. One of my most interesting experiences was attending a study programme at the Tampere University of Technology in Finland, where I dedicated myself to studying fibre optics and wireless communication technologies.


  • Huawei HCIA – Videoconference
  • Huawei HCIA – Routing & Switching
  • Ruckus Wireless Solutions Engineer


I gained experience with various videoconferencing brands and solutions during my career, and I am more than happy to be able to help customers who want to be sure that their videoconferencing devices won’t betray them in the most inappropriate moments.

I began to collect practical experience in the area of ​​wireless technologies and networking within the CZFree.Net community. In several sales and product positions, I gradually gained rich and varied experience with a wide range of wireless vendors, including access, transport, and enterprise solutions.

If you need to deal with your corporate network’s design or physical layer debug, Honza is the one to offer you a helping hand, along with his extensive references and practical experience, from both domestic and international SiteSurvey projects.