Barbora Mičková

Barbora (Bára for short) is our Key Account Manager. This means that her mission is to work tirelessly to ensure that our current and potential clients are as satisfied as possible.

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Customer care

What did Bára reveal about herself?


Although I work in IT today, I gained my education in the natural sciences, finishing with a Master’s degree in General Biology and Chemistry at the Masaryk University in Brno. Even though I don’t deal with plant families anymore, my study has certainly given me the ability to learn new things, single-mindedness, endurance, and resilience. These characteristics always come in handy.


  • Huawei HCSA – IT
  • Huawei HCSA – IP Network
  • Flowmon Sales Consultant


I’ve been dedicating myself to sales since the beginnings of my career. I enjoy developing relationships with customers, identifying their needs, and offering solutions.

At Huatech, I focus mainly on customer care in healthcare, government, and the ISP sector.